The Soft Academy

What you'll learn
Introduction of trading
Technical Analysis VS Fundamental Analysis
Adv. Candle stick Pattern (Multiple and single)
What are the trends?
Technical Tools and Usages
Breakout Re-test Reversal thory
Multiple Timeframe Analysis
Market Structure Influencer
Demand zone theory
Supply zone theory
Introduction of Advance Chart Pattern
Top-Down Analysis Thoery
EMA stratagy
Momentum Intradey Stratagy
PIvot Point Standards
Intradey Momentum Equity Stratagy for stocks
Principle of option Buying
Introduction of derivaties
Option chain data analysis
Types of market traders
Positional Trade Super set-up
BTST super set-up
Smart money concept
Profit Trailing Golden Stratagy
Momentum Intradey Stratagy
Price Action Stratagy
Daily Timeframe Super set-up
Super Sink Index Stratagy
Money Management & Risk Management
How to Use SL
Risk Reward Ratio
Risk Per Day
Risk Per Trade
Cases of Stop Loss
Aware of Over Trading
LIVE MARKET Practice (2 Days)