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Hi, I'm Viral Shah

The C.E.O At The SOFT Academy

As someone with over a decade of experience in the export-import industry, Viral Shah knows things about expanding a country's exports by mentoring and motivating people to enter into this industry.

Through his work, Shah has visited 26 cities across India and given training to more than 100,000 individuals. His goal is to clear any doubts or myths that may be holding people back from getting involved in export-import businesses. In addition to this, Shah is also responsible for corporate dealings and organizing training for their executive, middle, and senior level management staff. This helps companies expand their business across borders.

So far, Shah has worked with colleges and universities to provide international business training to students and guide them towards exploring the export-import industry as a potential career path. Some of the institutions he has worked with include MES College Goa, Vivekananda College, and Luthra College of Management and corporates like Viraj Profile ltd, Mitsubishi, ITC - ESPB Division, ADANI, etc.

With an education from IIFT and plenty of real-world experience under his belt, Shah is an expert in his field and is well-positioned to help others succeed in the export-import industry.

Our researcher has looked into more than 100 products in various industries and prepared related content with all required details such as quality, market, and certifications, etc. With more than 300 videos on YOUTUBE, he is one of the most popular and well-appreciated YOUTUBERS on export import business in India. His ability to research and analyze product and market data is unique and has helped advise thousands of people on successfully entering and expanding their businesses in the export-import industry.

Hi, I'm Abhishek Patel

The Forex Trading Mentor At The SOFT Academy

Abhishek Patel is a well-renowned figure in the world of forex trading. He has over 20 years of experience in the field and holds an executive management degree from NIRMA UNIVERSITY. Since 2013, Patel has been actively involved in the forex market and has gained in-depth knowledge about technical analysis and the Elliott Waves theory. He has also traded in various other markets such as equity and crypto.

Abhishek Patel is a highly skilled and accomplished technical analyst from Ahmedabad, India. He has a deep understanding of the attitude and aptitude required for successful forex trading, and has been working in the market for almost a decade.

During his career, Abhishek has had the opportunity to work closely with some of the most successful international traders and learn from their expertise. He is now an experienced coach and mentor, helping others to achieve success in forex trading. His training is both amazing and easy to understand. Students who have been trained by him are flourishing in this arena.

In addition to his extensive knowledge of the forex market, Abhishek also has a deep understanding of crypto currencies. His combination of trading experience and expertise makes him an ideal mentor for anyone aspiring to become a successful trader.

Hi, I'm Forum Marfatia

The Digital Marketing Mentor At The SOFT Academy

  • Consulted to 200+ brands with transforming case studies
  • More than 10 Years of total (IT + Digital Marketing) working experience
  • T3P Certified and a member of Indian Trainer's association
  • Chair person of Digital Marketing committee at SGCCI
  • The southern Gujarat Chamber of commerce and industry
  • Hon. Secretary at WICCI (Women India Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
  • 350+ Sessions & Talk shows conducted as a speaker
  • 35000+ People addressed & Inspired
  • 4500+ Practically Trained Under

Hi, I'm Arun Chaubey

The Stock Market Mentor At The SOFT Academy

SEBI & NISM empaneled trainer with 5+ years of experience across multiple investor awareness programs & CPE programs for equity derivatives, currency derivatives, mutual funds & SORM (Securities Operation & Risk Management) Possesses proven track record of 16 years in helping stock market intermediaries to achieve knowledge goals through customized exercise programs.

  • Trainer for National Institute of Securities Markets / Since 2016
  • NISM Series: 1 Currency Derivatives certification examination
  • NISM Series V A – Mutual Fund Distributors Certification
  • NISM Series VII – Securities Operations and Risk Management
  • NISM Series VIII – Equity Derivatives Certification Examination
  • SEBI’s Smart (Securities Market Trainer) Since 2020
  • Investor Awareness Program Organizer

Hi, I'm Dhara Shah

The Soft Skill Trainer At The SOFT Academy

  • Chartered Accountant by qualification, and Transformational Trainer by Profession.
  • With Profound experience of 10+ years,
  • she has trained & transformed 72000+ lives PAN India.
  • Her academic qualifications include CA, CS, DISA (ICAI),
  • Certified Behavioural & Soft Skills Trainer accredited by USA TESOL
  • Certified Trainer with Business Networking International – BNI
  • Internationally Certified Trainer from T Harv Eker Institute
  • Qualified Trainer from Dale Carnegie & Associates
  • Certified Neuro Linguistic Practitioner

Hi, I'm Sahil Modi

The Stock Market Mentor At The SOFT Academy

  • Post Graduate Diploma Management- Finance MIT School Of Business
  • With Profound experience of 12+ years
  • Financial Modelling Workshop by MR. Pranav Dedhia from Skill Nation
  • Advanced Financial Modelling Masterclass Advanced Professional Course By Mr Pranav Dedhia from Skill Nation
  • Company Financial Valuation & Financial Modelling Detailed Course by Mr Ashish Agrawal From Udemy
  • Relative Valuation Institute of Investment Banking From Udemy
  • Fundamental Analysis SOIC Intensive Course
  • Certified Debt Investment Professional (CDIP) NSE Academy – Axis Mutual Fund
  • Certified Financial Goal Planner (CFGP) American Academy of Financial Management India – ABSL MF Fund
  • Debt Ki Paathshala Mahindra Mutual Fund
  • Certified Basic Option Trader FinIdeas
  • Certified Greek Options Trader FinIdeas
  • NISM Certification Investment Advisor -L1 , Derivatives , Mutual Fund
  • Valuation - MBA Spring 2021 Course by Aswath Damodarn (Youtube)

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